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Public Financial Management Reform Project: Enhancing the Capacity of the Legislature to Exercise Appropriate Oversight Over Both Upstream and Downstream PFM Processes

OverviewInterventionsOutcomesOverview The Public Financial Management Reform Project (PFMRP) was part of a longer-term strategy aimed at improving budget management, financial control and reporting. The long-term strategy (PFMRS) serves as a National strategic document to guide the development of Ghana’s PFM programmes. The goal of the strategy is to establish efficient, transparent and accountable resource mobilization, allocation, management [...]

Building Capacity of Parliaments for Evidence Informed Policy Making

OverviewInterventionsOutcomesOverview The project is an extension on work done by the VakaYiko Consortium (2013-2017).  The DFID funded Building Capacities to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) project which was implemented by the Vaka Yiko consortium supported public institutions in low and middle-income countries to develop skills, knowledge and systems to improve the use of evidence in decision making. As [...]

Supporting Parliament in Djibouti

OverviewInterventionsOutcomesOverview The project to support the Parliament of Djibouti was implemented in 2017. It was designed to help enhance the capacity of Parliamentarians of the Djibouti Parliament in undertaking their role, preparing and reviewing laws, implementing the budget, and contributing to an open and collaborative process. Interventions Some of the key activities included: Development of knowledge reference [...]

Assessment of the Implications of the Revised Protocol of the Pan African Parliament

OverviewInterventionsOutcomeOverview This project was about assessing the revised Pan African Parliament (PAP) Protocol, with the aim of determining the potential implications, both positive and negative, of implementing the revised protocol on the PAP as an organ of the African Union and on its members at the national level. The assessment was to assist PAP to design a [...]

Support to the African Parliamentarians Association for Human Rights (AfriPAHR) and promotion of Freedom of Religion or Belief in Africa

OverviewInterventionsOutcomeOverview The “Support to African Parliamentarians Association for Human Rights (AfriPAHR) to advance issues of Freedom of Religion or Belief in Africa” is a collaborative project among three partners through which the African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs, Ghana provides technical and secretariat support to AfriPAHR in partnership with the International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion [...]

Support to the West African Association of Public Accounts Committees (WAAPAC)

OverviewInterventionsOutcomesOverview This initiative was started through a partnership with the World Bank which led to the formation of the West African Association of Public Accounts Committees (WAAPAC). WAAPAC was born out of the realization that with a common platform for knowledge exchange and peer learning, Public Accounts Committees (PACs) would be able to build and enhance their [...]

Strengthening Systems of Oversight in East African Parliaments

OverviewInterventions OutcomesOverview The project aimed at strengthening systems of oversight within East African parliaments, particularly at the level of the portfolio committees. The goal was to have portfolio committees engage more meaningfully on issues within sectors they are responsible for, enhance the effectiveness with which they interrogate departmental reports and use evidence to back their oversight work. [...]

Inclusive Legislatures for Gender Responsive Policies

OverviewInterventionsOutcomesOverview The Inclusive Legislatures for Gender-Responsive Policies (ILGRP) Project is a 4-year Government of Canada funded program implemented in partnership with African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs, Ghana, together with Parliamentary Centre, Canada. The project seeks to improve the effectiveness of elected officials in Ghana and Togo, to advance inclusive and gender responsive laws, policies and budgets as [...]

Data for Accountability Project

OverviewInterventionsOutcomesOverview Comprehensive data for monitoring the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) implementation is crucial to enable parliaments to perform their oversight and accountability role effectively and ensure no part of the country is left behind. The Data for Accountability Project (DAP), led by the African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs, in partnership with the Ghana Statistical [...]