Our work in the area of Parliamentary reform is ever evolving and has been an ongoing and continuous process engaging with Parliaments on the continent to find the right pathways to bring about change. We support parliaments at the institutional level to formulate and adopt strategies, mechanisms and practices that enables them to put in structures and create working environments that facilitates the work of parliamentarians and parliamentary staff. As an institution that is very dynamic, parliaments often have to adapt and respond to changes within their local context and align with international best practices and as such our work also includes supporting parliaments to develop special initiatives that respond to specific needs or issues within a particular period.  Increasingly our support on parliamentary reform have highlighted the need for improved parliament- citizen engagement for effective parliamentary work.

Our Parliamentary Reform Activities include the following:

  • Development of strategic plans
  • Development of and support for special institutional reform initiatives
  • Review of Parliament’s Standing orders
  • Engagement with Parliamentary Leadership
  • Collaboration with civil society actors in the field of governance
  • Development and implementation of capacity enhancement initiatives on topical and emerging Parliamentary processes and practices