Decisions made by policymakers on a gamut of issues in the area of economics, environment, agriculture, health, education, infrastructure and a host of other fields impact greatly on the lives of people. It is therefore imperative that these decisions made are backed with evidence. ACEPA’ work with parliamentarians and policy makers aims to ensure that policy decisions are made based on data that is credible, relevant, timely and sustainable.

Our Evidence-informed Policy Making and Sustainable Development work covers the following:

  • Providing technical support to parliamentarians to track the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Promoting the use of evidence in practice by engaging with decision makers, especially Members of Parliament
  • Supporting parliamentary staff to generate as well as supply evidence and information products to and for use by members of parliament
  • Conducting research to generate empirical data that feeds into the work of parliament

Serving as evidence brokers-linking parliamentarians and parliamentary staff to non-governmental sources of evidence and data promoting boarder access to relevant data for the work of Parliament