Public Financial Governance and the Role of Parliamentarians


The African Development Bank’s (AfDB) parliamentary strengthening programme seeks to enable parliaments to promote good financial governance through enhanced oversight, scrutiny and accountability in public financial management. To this end, this project was designed to assist the AfDB in its efforts at strengthening the capacity of African Parliaments, particularly public accounts, budget and finance committees in order to ensure the judicious use of national resources with the ultimate goal of reducing poverty and promoting economic growth.  The interventions implemented considered the key role parliamentarians and their support staffs play to ensure sound public financial management, accountability and good governance.


A series of capacity building activities were held targeting MPs and Staff from 9 African countries. The trainings served as platforms to:

  • Transfer skills and knowledge on accountability and oversight issues and mechanisms
  • Sensitize parliamentarians on AfDB vision, objectives, programmes in relation to public financial management and policies in Regional Member Countries (RMCs)
  • Evaluate and assess the impact of AfDB Parliamentary activities undertaken over the years


The programme achieved the following: 

  • It enhanced the knowledge of Members of Parliament on public financial management, financial scrutiny and budget oversight.
  • It created opportunity for Members of Parliament and staff for knowledge sharing, bonding and networking.
  • Provided the AfDB a sense of what its parliamentary program has contributed and achieved in the various parliaments. 
  • It served as a forum for peer to peer learning and experience sharing.         


  • Parliaments of Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Zambia
  • African Development Bank (AfDB)

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