ACEPA holds a National Seminar on the theme “FoRB: Basic Human Rights for Sustainable Development.

The primary objective of the National Seminar organized under the auspices of FoRBLN and facilitated by ACEPA
in collaboration with members of The Sierra Leone Parliamentary caucus on FoRB sought to encourage dialogue
and promote sustainable peace in the country. The seminar provided the platform for fruitful discussion on FoRB,
emphasis was placed on the importance of fostering religious tolerance, peaceful co-existence ad respect of one
Speaking on the theme Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB): A basic Human Right for Sustainable Peace and
Development in Sierra Leone. The Role of Parliament and other Stakeholders, the Guest Speaker noted that even
though 77% of the people of Sierra Leone are Muslims, and only 2% Christians, adherents of both religious faiths
live harmoniously together and there is no indication of dominance of one religion over the other. Mindful of the
fact that Sierra Leone has a turbulent past, the Guest Speaker entreated participants not take the current peace that
prevails in the country for granted but rather work tirelessly in engaging communities to pipe down on hate speech
and promote good neighbourliness and tolerance.
He noted that Freedom of Religion or Belief ‘’is a Soul and Heart-Connected Right’’ and should not be toyed with
by the Government or any other body for that matter. Even though FoRB is a fundamental right enshrined in most
Constitutions including the Constitution of Sierra Leone, there are exceptions to these rights. Notably, on issues of
defence and national security; public safety (in times of pandemic such as Covid 19 or Ebola); public morality, etc.
Discussions following the Guest Speaker’s presentation were lively and engaging. MPs, Faith leaders, CSOs and the
media were asked to redouble their efforts and advocate for national cohesion, tolerance and respect for the right of
minorities. The national seminar helped raise the visibility of the Sierra Leone Parliamentary Caucus on FoRB and

connected MPs to the wider public, especially on issues relating FORB, the national seminar also helped raise
awareness about FoRB and unearth limitations of religious tolerance and inter-communal harmony in Sierra Leone.