Hon. Boucary Abou Soule Adam is an economist with over 20 years’ experience working in the fields of public finance, parliamentary development, institutional capacity development, gender budgeting and gender issues, anti-corruption, community development and outreach, Parliament-Civil Society engagement, public policy evaluation, conflict prevention and mitigation.

He has served as a Senior Civil Servant in the Ministry of Finance and the Office of the President in Benin as a Public Financial Management Expert. He has also served as a Parliamentarian (2 terms) in the Benin National Assembly and was the Chair of the Finance Committee. In addition, he served two terms as an MP in CIP-UEMOA.

His latest engagement before joining ACEPA was with the Parliamentary Centre, where he led the Francophone component of the Centre’s Africa Parliamentary Strengthening Program for Budget Oversight – a five-year program that supported seven African Parliaments. His professional/educational background is as listed below:

  • Speciality degree on Structural adjustment and economic forecasts (1990 at Institut Internationale d’Administration Publique Paris)
  • Post graduate diploma in International development economy with honours (1987 at Université de Paris 1 – IEDES)
  • Masters degree in Economics (Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies at Université de Picardie Amiens in France in 1987)
  • Maîtrise en droit at Université Nationale du Bénin in

He is a member of the Electoral Commission of Benin and has held the position of Managing Director of Elections since 2018. He has already successfully organized four political elections and 3 professional elections in Benin.