Frank Agyire-Tettey is an accomplished development economist with a wealth of experience in industrial research spanning over 15 years. His primary focus is exploring ways businesses can enhance their productivity levels. Over the years, he has managed and executed various projects and trainings for different companies and organisations across West Africa, contributing to these entities’ growth and success.

He is highly skilled in implementing recommendations drawn from industrial research findings within an organisation to ensure sustainable growth, increased productivity, and profit. Thanks to his extensive experience, he has also conducted contact research for several international organisations, providing valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by different businesses and industries across the globe.

In addition to his research work, Frank has lectured both postgraduate and undergraduate students in Industrial Economics and Development Economics for the past 15 years in China and the United Kingdom. He is also the Managing Director of Dignitas Management Consulting, a wholly-owned Ghanaian consulting firm that provides top-notch advisory services to businesses and organisations across the region.

Furthermore, Frank sits on the Board of Directors at Constant Capital, where he plays a pivotal role in guiding the firm’s strategic direction.

Frank’s expertise extends beyond just assessing linkages between various sectors of the national economy. He is also highly skilled in identifying how sub-national economies can be integrated effectively into the national economy, providing valuable insights that have helped many businesses achieve their goals.