Senior Associate (Finance and Administration)

Mr. Danladi Saaka

Mr. Danladi Saaka is a Finance and Accounting professional with 15 years experience in financial management, investment appraisals, systems processes, strategic management decision making, risk management, financial modeling, and business support. He has demonstrated success in analyzing complex business issues in the public and private sectors to improve corporate profits and operational efficiencies. He also has experience in building finance functions during periods of institutional set-ups, growth, and reform.

His key competences include implementing and improving financial management processes in public and private corporations, Government agencies, and Non-profit organizations. Very good business analysis, strong analytical skills in developing, implementing, and using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), financial review process, strong inter-personal relationships, and ability to negotiate and implement contract terms. His educational and professional qualifications are:

M.Sc. – (Finance & Accounting, De Mont Fort University, UK)

CA – (Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana)

CGA – (Certified General Accountants of Alberta, Canada)

ACCA – (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – UK)