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Inclusive Legislatures for Gender-Responsive Policies

Gender Responsive Budgeting Training_ Kenya Inclusive Legislatures for Gender-Responsive Policies TERMS OF REFERENCE LOCATION: KENYAAPPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday 4th September 2023TYPE OF CONTRACT: Individual / Company/Organization ContractAREA OF EXPERTISE: GENDER RESPONSIVE BUDGETING (GRB) Background: The Global Affairs Canada funded Inclusive Legislatures for Gender-Responsive Policies (ILGRP) project implemented in Ghana, Kenya and Togo aims at improving development outcomes and human rights. The project supports three partner parliaments and parliamentarians to consider the differential impacts of policies, laws, and budgets on the poorest and most marginalized populations, particularly women and girls.This project is a pioneer effort in providing support towards the strengthening of Parliaments on inclusiveness and gender equality issues. The implementing organizations are the African Centre forParliamentary Affairs (ACEPA) and Parliamentary Centre (PC).As part of the implementation of the project in Kenya, a set of initiatives and activities have been planned with the aim of increasing capacities of legislatures to improve inclusive, gender sensitive, responsive lawmaking and budgeting. The training sessions for Parliamentarians and Staff of Parliament in Gender Responsive Budgeting will respond to gaps and training needs identified from the project’s baseline study and institutional gender gaps assessments.To facilitate this, the ILGRP project seeks a consultant to work in close collaboration with anInternational/Canadian consultant and the ILGRP Gender and CSOs Advisor based in Kenya to provide training and methodological support on the thematic area of Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB). The successful candidate will also work closely with the other ILGRP Team members in Kenya and Canada fora few days between the period September 2023 to March 2024. Objective: The objective of the assignment is to enhance the capacity of Parliamentary Staff and MPs from target Committees and the Women’s Caucuses in the Parliament of Kenya ( Senate and National Assembly) on gender responsive budgeting. Specifically, the successful consultant will:● Provide training including practical sessions for Members of Parliament, parliamentary staff andWomen’s Caucus on gender responsive budgeting.● Provide practical support to Members of Parliament from Committees and Women’s Caucuses in undertaking engagements with Women’s Rights Groups and CSOs on select draft laws includingstate budgets. Call for Gender Budgeting Experts Activity 1211.5; and 1311.3Gender Responsive Budgeting Training_ Kenya Scope of Work: Working closely with a Canadian/international consultant, ILGRP Gender and CSOs Advisor based in Kenya, and other ILGRP Team members in Kenya and Canada, the successful consultant will providespecific services/deliverables as described below:A) Training including practical sessions for Committees and Women’s Caucuses on Gender responsive budgeting (Activity 1211.5) The consultant is expected to:In collaboration with the Gender and CSOs advisor in Kenya and Canadian/international consultant will:● Develop training materials and resources to train MPs (this includes PPT with notes, Checklistsand related tools for gender responsive budgeting).● Training on the importance of gender responsive budgeting, scrutinize current state budgets toidentify gender concerns that need to be addressed.● Two trainings with practical exercises on gender responsive budgeting using at least one nationalbudget (bill/Act) to identify if the budget is gender responsive.● Training and practical sessions on gender responsive budgeting including developing methodology including tools (ie: checklists)● Conduct end- of- training evaluation.● Produce reports on the 4 training and practical sessions for committees and women’s caucus ongender budgeting. One per training to be submitted no later than one week following each trainingsessionB] Practical support to committees and women’s caucuses in undertaking engagements with CSOsand WRGs on select draft laws, state budgets and oversight (Activity 1311.3)The consultant is expected to:● In collaboration with the Gender and CSOs advisor in Kenya and Canadian/Internationalconsultant, develop a process guide for committees and women’s caucus that will help them in planning and carrying out engagements with CSOs and WRGs on select state budgets.● Hold a training for parliamentarians (f/m) on how to engage with CSOs/WRGs engagement in the legislative and oversight process● Conduct peer to peer practical sessions with MPs on how to design actual engagement sessions and hold consultative sessions with CSO/WRGs using current draft laws and state budgets toincorporate CSO/WRG recommendations● Conduct end-of-activity evaluations● Produce reports on the 2 training and practical sessions for MPs Outputs and Deliverables: 1. GRB Training materials (PPT and related documentation for training) – for each training2. Training and practical sessions (4) for Parliamentarians and women’s caucus on engaging withCSOs/WRG on Gender responsive budgetingGender Responsive Budgeting Training_ Kenya 3 | Page3. Gender analysis report and share themethodology used in Scrutinizing and reviewing state budget(s).4. Prepare and package tools (templates, checklist) on gender responsive budgeting5. Recommendations based on GBAplus method shared to the parliament during the budget policystatement and budget estimates development6. Process guide on engagement with CSOs and WRGs.7. Reports including activity evaluations – one per sessionDuration of Assignment:The consultant is expected to provide short term services for a few days/hours at a time not more than LOE5 days (37.5hrs) between September 2023 to March 2024 Required Qualifications and Experience: ● University degree, “Masters or higher (PhD preferred)” in social sciences, economics, Law, gender studies, International relations, Public Affairs or Politics or related fields;● At least five (5) years of research experience in gender responsive budgeting and analysis;● Demonstrate a solid knowledge of gender and inclusion issues in Kenya;● Experienced in and is constantly engaging with parliamentary processes and the legislative process in particular and budgeting;● Experienced in and is constantly engaging with women caucuses and women rights groups/organizations.● Have analytical skills and good ability to dialogue;● Demonstrate a strong capacity for team management, workshop facilitation and work in a multistakeholder and multicultural context;● Have proven communication, report writing and presentation skills (oral and written English);● Experience working with the Parliament would be an asset. Skills: ● Have very good writing and communication skills;● Ability to analyze and synthesize;● Meet commitments;● Capacity for innovation;● Good team spirit;● Sense of responsibility;● Assume all responsibilities and honor commitments;● Compliance with professional technical standards and quality;● Be immediately available.Application file: Applications must include:● A letter of application addressed to ACEPA;● An updated copy of curriculum vitae (CV);● A financial offer (daily rate);Gender Responsive Budgeting Training_ Kenya Application Process The completed applications must be sent by email not later than Monday 4th September 2023 at 17:00 pmEAT should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the email subject reading “Genderconsultant – Gender Responsive Budgeting in the Parliament of Kenya”.This TOR represents the requirements for an open and competitive process. If you have any questions, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Applications must include: ● A letter of application addressed to The African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA)● An updated copy of curriculum vitae (CV) highlighting experiences with similar work;● A financial offer (daily rate)● Technical proposal detailing the understanding of the task and the methodology to be usedNB: applications from females are strongly encouraged. Download

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