Senior Associate (Public Financial Management and Budget Oversight - Francophone Parliaments)

Michael Ohene Effah

Michael Ohene Effah is an International Development, Governance and Communications Consultant with more than 18 years’ experience in private sector, diplomatic and international development work, 10 years of which was in senior and strategic management roles. He has expertise in Programme design, development and implementation, with a multiplicity of implementing partners. Proven experience in conducting annual, mid-term, project completion reviews and monitoring and evaluation. He is well versed in Communication planning (writing, speaking, and media relations). He has demonstrated skills in the planning, organisation and facilitation of trainings and workshops, with more than 15 years’ experience in training development and delivery and motivation. He is a dynamic author, speaker, trainer, and presenter; skilled in employing clarity, innovation, and humour to deliver effective presentations to diverse audiences at all organizational levels.


Mr. Ohene Effah has served as a Strategic Governance Adviser to STAR-Ghana, a multi- donor pooled funding mechanism (Funded by DFID, DANIDA, EU and USAID) to increase the influence of civil society and Parliament in the governance of public goods and service delivery. He has led the design and implementation of a number of donor-funded programmes including £6.3million electoral support programme in 2012; £9.5million support programme for oil and gas impacted communities in the Western region of Ghana, aimed at local economic development of the nascent oil-producing region of Ghana; a £900,000 electoral support project for the UK’s electoral support for Ghana in 2008 as well as anti-corruption and deepening democracy programmes. He has facilitated over 300 public and implant seminars and workshops for private and public organizations such as Ghana’s Parliament, Environmental Protection Agency, AMSCO, British Council, UT Bank, ADB etc.

Mr. Ohene Effah holds an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana.