Freedom of Religion or Belief Seminar in The Gambia by ACEPA.

In an attempt to raise awareness on the work of the Gambia Parliamentary Caucus on
Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB), foster consistent dialogue between caucus members
and The Gambian public, the African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA) and its
partners in collaboration with the National Assembly of The Gambia, again organized a one-
day seminar on the theme: Discrimination and Hatred: a bid to protect fundamental
human rights of citizens
. The meeting which brought together The Gambia Members of the
Parliamentary Caucus on FoRB, Faith leaders from both the Muslim and Christian
community as well representatives from civil society (CSO’s) was held at the Young Male
Christian Association (YMCA), on 4th August, 2023.

The seminar was to create an environment for honest and frank discussions on issues
relating to FoRB as it relates to Human Rights in The Gambia, broaching critical issues that
constitute legislative barriers to freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) and the social and
cultural practices that support societal hostility towards minority groups on account of their
religion or belief. The primary objective of the national seminar was to encourage dialogue
and promote sustainable peace; reinvigorate efforts towards peace building and peaceful co-
existence; the face-to-face meeting with faith/religious leaders and other influential
stakeholders with The Gambian parliamentary caucus on FoRB will provide opportunity for
direct interaction between citizens and their elected representatives; raise awareness on
FoRB and clarify misconceptions, and make FoRB more relatable to the everyday
experiences of citizens as it pertains to their fundamental human rights.

The meeting was facilitated by a guest speaker who presented on the topic: Combatting discrimination and hatred: a bid to protect fundamental human rights of citizens.