Mr. Issifu Lampo

Senior Associate (Governance, Budget and Social Accountability)w

<p class=”read-more-wrap”>Issifu Lampo is a Governance and Accountability Specialist, and Civil Society Advocate and Trainer, with over 15 years of active engagement in Civil Society advocacy and capacity building, both internationally and in Ghana. He has MSc. Development Studies, South Bank University (London), 2002, and MA International Relations, Kiev State University (Kiev, Ukraine), 1988, BA International Relations, Kiev State University (Kiev, Ukraine), 1986. In his professional career, he has been in the fore-front of planning and managing assignments related to Decentralization and Governance. He served as planning and economic development specialist on the DANIDA-funded District Assembly Capacity Building Project for the Volta and Upper West Regions; a trainer for district and sub-district development under the District Capacity Building Project funded by CIDA; and an M&amp;E and Change Management specialist supporting the design and delivery of training modules for Members of Parliament from several African countries. Since 2001, he has been actively involved in the development of training modules for strengthening NGO and civil society advocacy efforts, enabling them to apply participatory tools in engaging government and public policy reform. <span class=”read-more-target”>In the field of advocacy for Parliamentary democracy and governance, he has a wealth of experience gained from previously working with the Parliamentary Centre where he served as one of the lead specialists and trainers for Parliamentary oversight of poverty reduction through community-based monitoring of poverty and Change Management. Under the ADA-funded African Parliamentarians’ Poverty Reduction Network (APRN) and the CIDA-funded Africa Parliamentary Strengthening Program for Budget Oversight (APSP), he has been instrumental in creating platforms for CSOs-Parliament engagement in Ghana as well as other Parliaments across Africa. He has also supported and trained civil society groups and public institutions on Change Management, the use of Social and Public Accountability tools for Monitoring and Evaluation of Poverty under the DFID-funded Social Accountability Fund. He also played a pivotal role in developing training modules in the use of participatory tools for social auditing, and served as a lead trainer for the staff of the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) at the Institute of Local Government Studies. He has also coordinated and taught courses under a Trent University – Canada programme on international development and international relations.</span></p>