Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada) Mining Project
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada)
Areas of Focus
Legislative oversight, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corruption
Burkina Faso, Ghana and Tanzania

The project aims to examine to nexus between political (and corruption) assessment and corporate social responsibility, on the one hand, and host government intervention and legislative oversight, on the other. Specifically, the objectives of our project are to (inter alia):

1. Develop an integrated framework to link corruption, political risk, CSR initiatives, and stakeholder engagement with the oversight and representation functions of host country parliaments.

2. Determine if corporate anti-corruption programs and CSR activities are reactive to corruption problems and adverse stakeholder reaction, or whether, via ex-ante political risk assessment, corruption and adverse reaction to it can be anticipated and whether corporate activities, including CSR, can be designed pro-actively and strategically.

3. Provide guidance to Canadian extractives companies as to how to manage political risks and corruption.

13 to 16 August, 2018
UPCOMING: Professional Development for Parliamentary Staff
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06 August to 09 July, 2018
UPCOMING: Seminar Series for Parliamentarians
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15 to 16 May, 2017
Workshop for Committee Chairpersons and staff of the Parliament of Botswana
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