The Role of Parliamentary Staff in Building Strong Regional Parliaments

The African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs organized a one-week capacity building workshop for thirteen staff of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) on Team Building and Organizational Effectiveness. The training took place on the 18 – 21 June, 2018 and was funded by the East African Legislative Assembly.

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) is one of the seven organs of the East African Community (EAC), being its legislative, representative and oversight arm. As an institution, EALA strives to achieve and maintain high standards in the performance of its roles thus, premium is placed on capacity building and continuous training of its staff. It is in this vein that staff of EALA (Heads of Department and some selected Committee staff) took part in a one-week tailor made course at the African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA), Accra - Ghana to address their capacity needs.

The training focused on enhancing the knowledge of EALA staff in the ever-evolving field of parliamentary practice and procedure. Specifically, the training sought to improve the professional and technical skills of the EALA staff to support the MPs, enhance their ability to create networks with staff of other jurisdictions of similar profile, enable the staff to better internalize their roles and responsibilities and also to bring about relevant positive change(s) within the operations of the Legislative Assembly.

Participants were taken through various modules including the Role of Regional Parliaments; Role of parliamentary staff in strengthening parliaments; Communication and Team Building in Multicultural setting of Regional Parliaments; Essentials of legislative Research/Strategies for gathering information for legislative research; and Policy Analysis. Also, Results Based Management (RBM) and Organizational Effectiveness in Parliamentary setting was explored. The training workshop was practical and very interactive, ensuring the participation and contribution of all participants.

Participants’ evaluation of the training session was very positive; they for instance commended the relevance of the training modules to their job. They were also appreciative of the delivery and facilitation of the various training modules. Finally, they expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to interact with colleagues from the Parliament of Ghana.

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