African Development Bank Assesses its Parliamentary Development Programme

Good Governance, accountability and transparency are recognized elements of the effort at promoting sound public financial management. Parliaments have a primary role to play in promoting good economic and financial governance through effective oversight of public budget and expenditure management. The African Development Bank (AfDB) recognizes this significant role of parliaments as an integrity institution whose oversight function can be leveraged for promoting good economic governance in Regional Member Countries (RMCs) and has, therefore, committed to supporting parliamentary work in this area. It is in the AfDB’s interest to do so to ensure that resources are effectively applied to reduce poverty and to promote proper accountability in the management of Bank-financed projects and programs in its RMCs.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has in the last 10 years organized a number of seminars for Members of Parliament from across the African continent in the areas of Good Governance, Accountability and Public Financial Management (PFM). The AfDB recognises the significant role of Parliaments in promoting good economic governance thus the support for parliaments is to ensure that national resources are effectively applied to reduce poverty and promote proper accountability in the various countries where the Bank has a presence.

After over a decade of supporting parliaments (Parliamentarians and Parliamentary Staff) to be effective in their roles in Good Governance and Public Financial Management, the AfDB in partnership with the African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA) undertook to evaluate the impact of its interventions in parliamentary development on the continent. An impact evaluation workshop was organized in Nairobi, Kenya from 2-6 November, 2015 for MPs and Staff from selected parliaments. Four countries (Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda) out of the eight invited, took part in the evaluation.

The assessment was preceded by a training session for the MPs and Staff present on the role of MPs in Good Governance and PFM as well as a recap of the major interventions carried out by the AfDB. The assessment focused on three areas namely PFM, Corruption and Good Governance.  Participants provided feedback on the improvements chalked by their respective parliaments on the indicators being assessed as well as suggestions on areas that future interventions could focus on.