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Specifically, ACEPA provides:

  1. Technical support for institutional reforms within representative institutions.
  2. Capacity building for elected representatives through training and the development training materials.
  3. A forum for peer-to-peer learning and skills acquisition facilitated by leading African experts in the area of representation, legislation and oversight and a Center of Excellence for improving parliamentary practice on the African continent.
  4. A platform for knowledge exchange and institutional memory: serves as a forum for experience and knowledge sharing between current and former MPs (national and sub-national) from Africa and other regions of the world.
  5. Leadership training in all aspects of Parliamentary development on the continent - from law-making to oversight, representation and constituency work.
  6. Cutting-edge research informed by extensive field experience on Parliaments and their role in consolidating democratic governance in Africa.
13 to 16 August, 2018
UPCOMING: Professional Development for Parliamentary Staff
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06 August to 09 July, 2018
UPCOMING: Seminar Series for Parliamentarians
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15 to 16 May, 2017
Workshop for Committee Chairpersons and staff of the Parliament of Botswana
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